Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Quick Note

To say that I was brave enough to weigh myself today.  I am still 110lbs.


I am so pleased I haven't gained tons (tonnes?) of weight as I haven't really been watching what I eat very well.

Yesterday was a nightmare.

After only 3 hours of sleep I had to take my daughter to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital for her checkup.  We left dead early to get into London and made it with only five minutes to spare.

After spending a couple of hours getting her tests done and finding out that everything is fine we jumped back on the train home.

Then I got a call to say my youngest had had to be picked up from school as he was really ill.  My friend got him and met me at the station.  He was burning up something bad and complaining about his head and eyes.
I told my friend to take us straight to the emergency room.  Oh my god I have never seen him that ill so suddenly and I was terrified he had meningitis like the girl in his class.

As usual the hospital was a nightmare.  My friend took my daughter back to work with him and said he would get my other son from school at 3, take him back to work too then feed them when work was over.

As me and the youngest were waiting to be seen he was getting hotter and hotter and screaming about his head, while his skin was getting really red and spotty.  Finally the triage nurse assessed him.  She took his temperature and pulse and then rushed us straight through to the beds and the doctors.  He got some medicines instantly and then we waited.  Finally he cooled down and the rashes all faded.  They think it is a throat infection.  It looks like he reacts to them just like his mummy!  They kill me everytime and get me admitted into hospital usually.

Anyway he is fine now but home for a couple of days for the anti biotics to work.

Meanwhile by the time I finally got home (about7:30pm) his dad/my ex had left all these messages about how selfish I am because I still haven't phoned him.  Of course I haven't phoned him.  There is a reason he doesn't have a phone number and a reason he isn't allowed near my house!  I want nothing to do with the abusive arse!!!!!

So I left him a message explaining that I had busted my arse making sure all kids got seen asap for health problems but this resulted in him accusing me of doing something to the youngest son and telling me that I abuse him and the kids.  Todays message was, "big mouth, foul mouth dirty slag".

(I replied big fish, small fish, cardboard box lol lol lol that amused me greatly for a couple of hours)

Now he askinhg me to call again to show I have nothing to hide~!!  he is sorry for 'bad' words.

Stupid fucking shit of a man!

I'm knackered but at least I am feeling like a good person.  Not many people would have handled my day yesterday as well as I did and completely on their own.

And it is a great feeling to feel free of reactions and hurt from the arsehole's comments.  They just don't bother me half as much as before.

All I need now is to lose more weight and I will feel great about myself.


Inner Thinner Me said...

Im so glad you didnt let that stress get you down. I'll be praying for your kids tonight along with mine.

P.S: after you mentioned London, I started to automatically read everything in an english accent lol.

Stay Strong Girl

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