Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Another Successful Day

...but it is getting harder.

I am FIENDING for a burger.  Mmmmmm burger.

Very light headed a lot of the time but no where near close to caving in.   I think tho that I will restrict until Saturday and on Sunday allow myself a burger and some sort of chocolatey goodness.  I fear if I try and carry on much longer than that without a treat day I will cave and fall into a full on binge.

As long as that is all I eat all day and I keep my calories under 800 for the rest of the week I should be fine.

It doesn't help that I walk past the burger shop every time I pick the kids up from school or pop to the shops.

Mmmmm burger.

Last night wasn't as bad as I expected.  No tears and a fairly restful night.  The tablets from the doctor help a lot.

Todays chart:

Thanks to Kayla I think I have my feelings about The Ex in better perspective.  Yes I want him to hurt for me that is exactly the phrase that sums up my lost feeling.  I know that this won't happen tho he is too wrapped up in himself.

So getting my eating under control has taken a lot less time than I expected.  Now I need to work on my creativity, hopefully it will also help me express all these locked up feelings and emotions. 

Before hitting my slump I had started making things for Christmas pressies.  I'm going to try and make myself get finished with these things so that I can concentrate on getting the rest of the shopping out of the way.  Christmas is a huge stress for me and now that it is November already it is weighing on my mind big time.


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