Sunday, 1 November 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I know it is 2 months early but I figured if I don't start now I will have no chance of success.

Before it is time to achieve my new year's resolutions serious practice/training is needed!

Resolution 1 - Loose weight
Resolution 2 - Stop smoking (erm yeah uh huh *non confident look*)
Resolution 3 - Spend my time more efficiently/Be more creative.

As it is the first of the month today I decided it was a great time to check my weight and start a new eating plan. Well ok there is no plan except to eat less and make healthier choices but you kow what I mean right?

My scales are fantastic as they always tell me I weigh nothing...0stone and 0lbs ha ha. Obviously this isn't anywhere near accurate so I bought new ones today.

The results were (drum roll please)

Weight ............................................... 8st 1lb (113lbs)
Body Fat percentage ....................... 19.7%
Body Water percentage .................. 59.6%

Definitely not as bad as I was expecting! WOOT

The handy dandy chart that came included indicates that a fitness program is recommended. Not entirely sure why tho. My water percentage is above the recommended 50% so I'm guessing that has something to do with it.

As for not smoking....well that seems very unlikely. It is my emotional crutch (or so I am told) and yes it is comforting to me. I don't worry about death and cancer, we are all going to die someday and I doubt anyway to die is particularly void of suffering. However extra money is an incentive, not having to sit in the cold and rain would be beneficial and the fact that I hate hate hate hate the smell makes me want to stop.

Being creative should technically be the easiest achievement. I say technically because I know that in actual fact I am the biggest procrastinator I know. It is far too easy for me to spend hours thinking and planning things without actually getting anything done.

So yeah....

It is time for me to start working towards some new goals and hopefully at the same time work on my mess of a life. First thing's first tho, I have cake to eat!


inner thinner me said...

What a great plan. Although I have to say, I wish i was 113 lol. That seems so nice right now. My goal weight is 100 pounds. 18 pounds to go. Good luck with your goals.

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