Thursday, 5 November 2009


I don't weigh myself everyday as I know that will lead to ultimate obsession for me.  I did weigh myself this morning tho and woot I have hit 109.

Sooo tired, need energy but will wait until Sunday as planned.

Debating whether or not to start taking some caffeine pills.  I don't drink anything but water tho so a bit worried they will just give me the shakes instead of a boost.


Inner Thinner Me said...

I want that empty feeling again. Im so happy for you and I want that same self control.

Thanks so much for the addvice. I really appreciate advice from people who understand and who have more experiance with these issues.

Stay Strong Girly

what if summer... said...

Caffeinated anything is really hit or miss with me. Sometimes it'll just give me the jitters like crazy, and other times I'll feel on top of the world. It's a pain to have your mind be jello but your body be on vibrate all day lol

But anymore we are all just slaves for energy. If you take the pills, then it will be good to keep yourself extra hydrated, since they will dry you out like mad.

Hope they work :)


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