Thursday, 19 November 2009

I Made These!

Instead of concentrating on how much I hate my body I have been busy stressing about christmas.

I've finally finished everything I was planning to make and only have a few gifts left to buy.

Bracelet for Sister 1

Bracelet for Sister 2


Bracelet for Mum


Do you like my make shift bracelet holders?  You really can find many uses for an empty toilet roll tube.

I'm not so keen on Mum's bracelet, it is a bit er...wobbly.  I doubt any of them will actually wear them, use them, or really appreciate them anyway.


Lets hope I am wrong about that tho.

I also made these:

A jar of fizzy bath stars (bath bombs) for each of them.

For my niece I sat and made A LOT of beaded necklaces and bracelets.  I was going to put them all in a box so they looked like treasure but they got too tangled.  I found this jewellery stand cheap on ebay.

And finally by biggest achievement is a set of nine journals. One each for sister 1 and bro in law 1, sister 2 and bro in law 2, mum, dad, niece and nephew!  The ninth one is the one I made for me to be my food journal

The 9 stacks of pages (Brain blank I have forgot what they are actually called).  Each Journal has a different picture printed on the pages and the kids ones are printed for them to fill in the blanks then write or draw as they please.

Everyone has got a gift bag with their handmade stuff in plus chocolates, alcholic treats, books and some games or puzzles etc.  Noticed the extra gift bag?  Thats for my baby Niece but she is far too young to realise I didn't make anything for her so I am stopping now and calling it done.  Yay!

 Please excuse the horrid blue stripe on my horrid floor.  
Who knows why someone previously thought that it would look good. 
It doesn't, it just makes everyone ask
'Why have you got a blue square in the middle of the front room?'

Now I just have to finish buying for my own kids, find buy some decorations and hope my tree is ok.


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